How To Call Nastydress Contact Number?


There are some customers complain for nastydress about its contact number. “i want to cancel my order, so i give nastydress a call, but no answer” complaint from a customer. Another angry customer complain that “nastydress is a scam, a fraud, i try to call its contact number, but can’t get

Nastydress Make An Adjustment On Paypal Transition Fees


Recently, nastydress have completed the optimization of the paypal payment system based on nastydress reviews and complaints for payment. Previously, you had to pay your order with us dollar when you choose paypal payment method. If you insisted pay with other currency, you have to pay some transition fees for

Nastydress Review: What Did Customers Complain About Nastydress Delivery And What Did Nastydress Do?

delivery-guide is a online store for most exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Free shipping, wholesale price, sexy styles make customers love Nastydress. But it also have its shortage. Check on which is a review and complain site for customers, we found that 49 customers complain about Nastydress’ delivery issue. It’s

Nastydress Complaint| What Did Nastydress Do To Help Solve Customer Complaints?


With the development of international transaction, shopping online has become a trend and top choice in people’s daily life. Meanwhile, people’s feedback of their shopping experience has been paid much attention by other customers and sellers naturally. As a consumer, you may care much about the company’s attitude and resolutions

Nastydress Complaint|How To Solve Your Complaints For Nastydress?


Intro: what we need to know before we talk about Nastydress complaints. is a website focused on selling sexy clothes,dresses and accessories for women at great prices. Nastydress ships orders all over the world. If you choose the flat rate shipping, it’s free, but other 2 shipping method is

Did Nastydress Hear of Customer Complaints?


Nastydress is an online store located in China which provides a wide range of clothes, shoes, wigs, jewelry and so on. Recently, there arise some complaints and negative reviews about Nastydress. I know it’s normal. Because it’s impossible to have a 100% positive reviews for a company. Based on my own experience